1. All sold accounts are registered by autoreg, samopisom. Accounts, before uploading to the site, must be checked for validity.

2 In order to avoid bans due to frequent discord security updates, we recommend buying accounts as needed.

3 If you encounter problems with logging into your account, for any reason, you can always use the login through the token. Login instructions: discord-acc.ru/faq

4 Accounts on the site have a different format for displaying login information. Read the product description carefully.

5 For security reasons, for long-term use of accounts, we recommend changing the token.

6 Accounts are subject to going to the ban, due to low-quality proxies or their absence. Please do not forget to replace the proxy when working with accounts !!!

7 By purchasing a proxy from us, we do not give any guarantees for the ban from discord or any other services, we give a guarantee that they are working for the specified period of time of purchase.

8 After purchasing the product, we are not responsible for it. Especially for any manipulations associated with its activity.

9 The product is downloaded after payment in the offered window. A button to check payment and DOWNLOAD appears in it. The goods do not always come to the post office !!!

10 If you have problems downloading the product, write in the first hour after purchase, because after the specified time, for technical reasons, we cannot always help in solving the problem.

11 Replacement and return of goods is not made! Except in some cases, after approval by the site admins.

12 When contacting us, indicate the order number (# *******) or the mail that was indicated when paying. Describe the essence of the appeal and, if possible, attach screenshots.

13 For a quicker answer, write to our telegram: @discord_acc

14 Money for the purchased product on the site is non-refundable !!!

15 By purchasing a product, you automatically agree with the rules of the store. 16 The site administration reserves the right to change the rules without notice.

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