Important!!! For security reasons, after purchasing an account, we recommend changing your email and password !!!


Question: I can't log into my account. The reason is the wrong login and password.

Answer: It is necessary to correctly separate the "login: password: token" Check the correctness of the sequence of entering the login and password.

Question: What do I need an API and a token for?

Answer: Tokens are provided by our website to work through the API in specialized software. If you don't plan on installing it, then just ignore the token.

Question: Can I use a different country account?

Answer: Yes, you can buy an account from any country and use it safely.

Question: I cannot log into Requests backup mail.

Answer: Go to accounts only from the IP address of Russia. If you are from another country, use a VPN or proxy

Question: I can't log in to the mail from my Discord account

Answer: If you need to log in to your account manually and the e-mail will be unavailable, then log in using the token and change the mail to your own or write to us, we will issue a password from the mail.

How do I change my Discord email?

Often people need to change their email on Discord. To do this, you need to go to the USER SETTINGS, they are in the lower left part of the program, with the HEX ICON. After clicking, it will open MY ACCOUNT. In the account, under the username there is an E-MAIL. In the e-mail column, there will be a CHANGE button on the right. You need to click on the CHANGE button, after which a window will open with a new email and a valid password for your Discord account. Enter your new mail and your Discord password. Confirm by clicking on DONE.

Then you need to go to your new email. mail. You will be sent an email from Discord, in which you need to click the CONFIRM button. That's it, your new mail has been confirmed and changed in your Discord account! Discord account store Discord account store Discord account store

How do I change my Discord password?

Sometimes Discord users want to change their account password. How to do it? It's simple, go to USER SETTINGS, they are on the left, at the bottom and are indicated by a button in the form of a gear. In the opened window MY ACCOUNT, in the middle there will be a PASSWORD AND AUTHENTICATION. Click on CHANGE PASSWORD. A pop-up window will pop up with a change to your password. You need to fill in two fields, old and new passwords. That's it, the new password remains valid! Discord account store

If you don't know your token. How do I find out my token?

There are times when a person has registered his account and in the future he needs his TOKEN. How do you find it? We go to your DISCORD account. Select DEVELOPER'S TOOLS (Different browsers differ. (Look for information about your browser. In Chrome F12 ...). The development panel will open on the right side of the page. In the search window, enter / API and refresh the page, the NAME column will appear in it, the folder will appear: SCIENCE when you select it, a window with HEADERS will appear.There, select REQUEST HEADERS and look for AUTHORIZATION: YOUR TOKEN !!! Discord account store

How do I sign in with a token?

Very rarely, people are faced with the task of logging into an account using a token. If it occurs, then you can enter using the following manipulations: Go to Select DEVELOPER'S TOOLS (Called depending on the browser) In the top menu, select APPlICATION. In the drop-down menu STORAGE select LOCAL STORAGE will open click on this entry. In the right menu, two columns KEY and VALUE will appear at the bottom of these columns, you need to write: in KEY (token) and in VALUE (“YOUR TOKEN”) After, save with enter and update the page F5 or with the button indicated by the green arrow. On the page, select "Open Discord in a browser"

If everything is done correctly, the page will open !!! We must not forget that the token remains valid if the previous login session was not closed with the “Close” button. If this happens, the token is automatically changed to a new one !!! Discord account store

The second way to log into your Discord account with a token

Go to your browser on your computer

Open the tab with reg. data (

Now you need to press F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I

In the window that opens, select "Console"

We insert into it:

function login(token) {

setInterval(() => {

document.body.appendChild(document.createElement `iframe`).contentWindow.localStorage.token = `"${token}"`

}, 50);

setTimeout(() => {


}, 2500);



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